Organizational activity

The activity of the department is very diverse and covers all directions in the activity of the National Union of Worker Producers` Cooperatives.

The main goal in the Department “Organizational Activity” is the strengthening and development of the network, preserving its integrity and unity.

Main directions in the Department are:   

      1.Organizing and conduct regular General Meetings in worker producers` cooperatives and Regional Unions; 
      2.Raising the role of Regional Unions in the organizational strengthening of cooperative networking; 
      3.Improving membership relationships;
      4.Improving the organizational skills of management staff;
      5.Organizing and conduct various events of the National Union;
      6.Awarding for cooperatives` achievements;
      7.Celebrating the International Cooperative Day;

„Organizational Activity“ Department is organizing various events and celebrations, which are published on the website.
The department maintains contact with chairmen and specialists from cooperatives, with Ministry of Labor and Social Politics, also with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, with similar NGOs and partner organizations, and other ministries and departments.
Assists cooperatives in establishing contacts with Ministry of Labor and Social Policies and developing projects for Agency for People with Disabilities.

Organizes the Boards of Directors of the National Union of Worker Producers` Cooperatives. 

Support the Financial Unit, collecting information for calculation of the membership fee. monitors receipt and prepares a report information on the membership fees and maintenance Financial Unit.  
Organizes and prepares the printing of advertising materials for the events of the NUWPC.


Ms. Hristina Vateva, Eng.
Senior Expert

Phone: +359 888 401 079