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International collaboration International collaboration International collaboration
International collaboration

NUWPC is a member of various international organizations, specialized international institutions and is involved in various international projects.
- since 1991, the membership in the International Cooperative Alliance;; has been restored.
- the Union is regular member of Cooperatives Europe;;
- since 1991 the Union is regular member of CICOPA (International Organisation of Industrial, Artisanal and Service Producers' Co-operatives);;
- since 1995 the Union is regular member of CECOP (European Confederation of Worker Cooperatives, Social Cooperatives and Social and Participative Enterprises);;
- the Union maintain close relations to cooperative unions from countries in Europe, Africa, America, Asia;
- the Union collaborates with various international cooperative and specialized institutions and organizations;
- the Union is atively imvolved in bilateral and multilateral projects covered by European Union programmes, e.g. OHARE, Leonardo da Vinci.
Main objective – an increasingly full integration in the European cooperative structures.
Priorities – cooperation and esrablishment of sustainable partnerships between Bulgarian worker producers’ cooperatives and similar European structures, for the purpose of exchange of experience concerning issues related to their joint economic, social and cultural development.
Strategic guidelines:
1. Protection of the interests of worker producers’ cooperatives vis-à-vis various international organizations.
2. Strengthening the position of NUWPC as a regional centre for building-up and development of similar cooperative structuresin the Balkan region.
3. Building-up an International Training Centre for training of cooperative personnel, jointly with the Union of National and World Economy, with registered office in Sofia.
4. Collaboration with foreigh educational institutions, for the purpose of organizing training of managerial cooperative personnel.
5. Supporting the development of worker producers’ cooperatives by gathering information concerning international fairs and exhibitions, competitive markets.
6. Preparation and participation in the various types of events of international organizations (congresses, seminars, bilateral meetings).
7. Expansion of the bilateral relations with national cooperative organizations and unions from neighbouring countries, as well as from countries with developed cooperative structures.
8. Permanent exchange of information of mutual interest with trade representations of foreign embassies in our country, as well as with Bulgarian representative offices abroad.
9. Collaboration with the French Institute of International Social Cooperation ICOSI, through participation in EU programs funded concerning probles of people with disabilities.

First working group on implementation of the agreement between Confcooperative and NUWPC

On 11 November 2015 in connection with the implementation of the signed on 15 October 2015 in Milan agreement on cooperation between NUWPC and Confcooperative, a joint meeting of the working groups from Bulgaria and Italy has been hold in the building of NUWPC. The meeting was determining specific joint activities agreement.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Paolo Foglietti – CECOP Board member, Vice-President of Federlavoro et Servizi, Mr. Antonello Chambrielo - head of International Policy of Confcooperative, Ms Susanna Rognini - President of social co-operative in Pisa, Mr. Luca Aiuti, Andrea Vitelli, Filippo Sberna from producer cooperatives Mediacoop by Italy. And by Bulgaria in meeting was attended by Mr. Stilian Balasopulov - NUWPC President, Mr. Nico Nikov - NUWPC Vice-President, Mrs. Karamfilka Alvadziev - Head of Human Resources in NUWPC and Mrs. Petya Petrova - Head of international collaboration NUWPC.

The purpose of this first meeting is to getting to know both sides and to launch concrete work.

In the attached file you can find the determined specific joint activities

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