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Organizational activity Organizational activity
Organizational activity

The main objective in the Union’s organizational activity is to strengthen and develop the system, to preserve its entirety and and unity in the process of its uniting with Europe.
Main lines in the organizational activity:
1. Organisation and carrying-out the regular meetings of the cooperatives and the regional unions.
2. Enhancing the role of the regional unions in the organizational strengthening the system.
3. Establishment of new cooperatives – required documents
4. Improvement of the member relationships
5. Improvement of the organizational preparedness of the managerial staff in the system
6. Awarding of cooperative distinctions of the NUWPC
7. Celebration of the International Cooperative Day
The International Cooperative Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of July and it has been marked for the first time by the International Cooperative Alliance in 1923.
In 1995this day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly as International Day of Cooperatives, recognizing the role of the world cooperative community and has been celebrated as such since then.

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