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Legal activity Legal activity
Legal activity

The legal activity of the Union is carried out along the following lines:
- preparation of proposals and opinions concerning amendments in the legislation and improvement of the regulation related to the members activity;
- explanation of the Cooperatives Act and the other normative acts concerning the activity of the Union members;
- rendering of legal and methodical aid to the Union members through advices, provision of judicial practice on specific cases, participation in judicial sessions, preparation of opinions and defences in writing, materials for the Board of Directors’ meetings, opinions on debatable legal matters, samples of statutes and other documents concerning the activity of the cooperatives and cooperative uinions, which are members of NUWPC;
- development of internal normative documents;
- supporting the recreation of cooperative activities and the return of their confiscated and nationalized property;
- A Legal Council has been created at the Board of Directors, supporting its activity.
The Union’s Legal Council includes eminent legal experts from the country; the Council prepares opinions, stands and advises on legal matters, bills and other normative documents concerning the members’ activity.
The Arbitration Committee supports the settlement of property and other disputes between Union members, on their requeStr.

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