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Complex rehabilitation in worker producers’ cooperatives of people with disabilities (TPKI) Complex rehabilitation in worker producers’ cooperatives of people with disabilities (TPKI)
Complex rehabilitation in worker producers’ cooperatives of people with disabilities (TPKI)

The National Union of Worker Producers’ Cooperatives (NUWPC) has for its members 30 specialized worker producers’ cooperatives of people with disabilities. There, in special working conditions, about  1180 cooperators are working, with various degree of disabilities. Priority in the operation of NUWPC is to search for opportunities and resources to support the avtivities of cooperatives, where people with disabilities are working, in terms of labour rehabilitation, social integration, promotion of production, improvement of working conditions, and to contribute to amendments in the normative regulation.
For a more rapid integration of people with disabilities in society the Union is working along the following lines:
-      Labour rehabilitation – development of social and business projects with the support of the Program Training Centre subsidized from the public budget; the resources are received from the Agency of People with Disabilities (APD). Good results in the competitions for such projects had: КТ „Chernomorka” Burgas, PKI „Mirolyubets” Lovech, TPKI „Rila” Blagoevgrad, TPKI „Parvi May” Smolyan, TPKI „Victoria” Sofia, TPKI „Atanas Teshovski” Gotse Delchev, TPKI „Marits” Plovdiv, TPKI „Rodina” Varna, TPKI „Iglika” Shumen, TPK-Т „Pako-50” Pazardzhik, TPKI „Lidi 54” Dimitrovgrad, etc. The resources received have been used for the implementation of up-to-date technologies, the quality and competitiveness of the production have been improved, better healthy and safe working conditions for people with disabilities have been created, access to the working places and administration has been created. 

– Occupational orientation, training, qualification and re-qualification, with the partial financial support by the Union;
-      Social rehabilitation – balneologic treatment in the holiday homes of the Union, sports, dosed tourism;
-      General rehabilitation needs – marketing studies – financial support to TPKI to take part in fairs, bazaars, exhibitions, etc.; investigation and implementation of foreign experience; expansion of the implementation of ISO-9001, through education and training.

NUWPC supports and represents the specialized cooperatives vis-à-vis public and social bodies and organizations in the country and abroad and enjoys the confidence of the executive power, being a correct partner in the field of social policy in respect of people with disabilities employed at TPKI.
NUWPC, by decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria, is the representative organization at national level and is member of the National Council for Integration of People with Disabilities, where the Union protects the interest of TPKI and is involved in the development of protective legislation in this respect.
At NUWPC, a Consultative Expert Council has been created, working on problems of people with disabilities; it delivers opinions on issues topical for TPKI.
Cooperatives of people with disabilities are:
- traditional producers of clothes made of textile and tricotage, underwear, leather products, toys and souvenirs;
- leading in the production of working clothes, baby and children confection;
- acknowledged in the sector of packings of plastics, pasteboard and cardboard;
- their production has long ago won the confidence of the Bulgarian and foreign consumers. The cooperatives are hilders of golden medals received at prestigious trade international trades and exhibitions.

Georgi Georgiev, PhD
Head of Cooperative development

Telephone: +359 2 987 00 66

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