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Visit of the President of ICA in Bulgaria Visit of the President of ICA in Bulgaria Visit of the President of ICA in Bulgaria
Visit of the President of ICA in Bulgaria


In the period 23-25 February 2022 Central Cooperative Union - Bulgaria hosted official visit of Dr. Ariel Guarco - President of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA). During the visit formal meeting was held on 25 February under the topic "The response of Cooperatives to Covid-19 challenges" with the participation of the leaders from national cooperative organizations - ICA members from:


  • Central Cooperative Union
  • National Union of Workers - Producers Cooperatives
  • Central Cooperative Bank


  • Cooperative Social Network for Social Solidarity and Regional Development /KAPA Network/


  • General cooperative alliance for agricultural and rural development (ZSP Belgrade)


The meeting was held in warm and friendly atmosphere, during which the cooperative leaders shared experiences and good practices, discussed the challenges facing cooperatives and the fruitful discussions focused on increasing the visibility and competitiveness of cooperatives and new opportunities for cooperation cooperative to cooperative (C2C).

Welcome speech was delivered by

Prof. Petar Stefanov - President of Central Cooperative Union - Bulgaria:

"...The COVID-19 Pandemic reminded us that the world is our common home, where each of us is vulnerable, but cooperative values and principles give hope that after the crisis we will look at the world with different eyes and more confidently recognize that the cooperative model is a key to build a better world...". 

Dr. Ariel Guarco - President of ICA introduced to the participants the key priorities in the development of the Global Cooperative Movement.  

Mr. Bozhidar Stanchev - President of National Union of Worker - Producers cooperatives (NUWPC) presented the activities and problems of the worker- producers cooperatives in Bulgaria during the state of emergency and their efforts in overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic.

The official meeting is a major investment in further strengthening the cooperative solidarity and an investment in a strong cooperative identity in the region.



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