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NUWPC has 251 member cooperatives with over 14000 cooperatives from all over the country. They are united in 16 regional (territorial) unions, which are also NUWPC members.
NUWPC comprises also 30 specialized cooperatives of people with disabilities. There,  1180 member cooperators are working, with various physiological and psychosomatic diseases and ailments, representing over 50% of the staff of such cooperatives. In the time of transition to market economy, their survival and integration are a primary care of the Union.
The Union’s governing bodies are as follows: the General Meeting (the Congress), the Board of Directors, the President and the Supervisory Board. The General Meeting (the Congress) comprises delegates of its members – cooperatives and cooperative unions, the President and Vicepresidents of NUWPC. The President and the members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board are elected by the General Meeting.
The cooperatives are small and medium-sized production undertakings with 7 (minimum) to 500 persons, and the prevailing part of them have between 30 and 100 persons. The belongings are property of the cooperatives and are managed by the General Meeting, the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board.
As a division of NUWPC, the following organization has been established:
  • Tourmedico EAD, implementing the social policy of NUWPC in the field of health care and tourism. Tourmedico EAD is establishing and participating in companies involved in out-of-hospital medical aid, domestic and international tourism, hotel and catering industry. Tourmedico EAD is the capita owner in 2 sole-trader limited liability companies, participates in 6 other companies involved in specialized out-of-hospital medical aid in various town of the country. The company is in possession of 5 hotels offering modern conditions for rest and relaxation.
  • NUWPC is shareholder in Cheque Déjeuner – a subsidiary of the Cheque Déjeuner group, France, with over 40-years-long worldwide experience; Cheque Déjeuner is the indisputable leader in the isse of food vouchers. 
The Union’s governing bodies are:
      • General Meeting
      • President
      • Board of Directors
      • Supervisory Board

The Union’s governing bodies are:

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